Hotel and Travel Information


There are a number of hotels directly around WU’s campus, and many within reach by public transport. A detailed list with conference preferential rates has been sent to all members of the EHES and all authors who submitted paper proposals – see the registration page for information on what to do if you have not received the email.

Travel to Vienna

There are direct railway connections from Vienna to many European metropoles. The Austrian railways run direct night trains to, for example, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Florence, Hamburg (and from there to Copenhagen and Stockholm), Paris, Rome and Zurich from Vienna Main Station. Vienna International Airport is connected to all major international destinations. You can also travel by bus to Vienna.

Visiting Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria. For centuries, it was the the capital of the multi-ethnic Habsburg Empire and the seat of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In the interwar period, “Red Vienna” shaped now ways of social-democratic governance. This diverse cultural heritage is very present in Vienna today, despite the lasting impact of the Holocaust and the dictatorships of the 1930s and 1940s. Since 1980, Vienna is also one of the four seats of the United Nations. Besides the unique campus of WU, you can thus visit Imperial Palaces, national museums with splendid art collections, iconic communal housing, the Jewish Museum, and a large variety of cultural events. For more information see here.